ActiveWin Says Beta 2 Of Office 2007 And Vista Released Today

ActiveWin has stated that they have insider information that leads them to believe that Beta 2 of Office 2007 and Vista will be released today. Here is what they say:

Credible Microsoft Insiders stated to us that Microsoft plans on announcing the release of Office Beta 2 and Windows Vista Beta 2 at the WinHEC conference in Seattle today at 9 AM PST.

This sounds like it will happen at Bill Gates’ Keynote address this morning. If you’re interested you can watch the Keynote Address: 56K, 100K, and 300K. He will be addressing multiple topics:

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates will focus on how key technology investments are paving the way for innovative market opportunities and a shift to a new platform. Gates will also discuss the impact of the upcoming introductions of Microsoft Windows Vista, 2007 Office System, and Windows Server “Longhorn.”

I don’t know if the Keynote will be very interesting, but I might watch it anyways.

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News Source: ActiveWin