myspacemobile MySpace is looking to cater to mobile phone users with their new ad-supported mobile version of the social network which launched today at  It’ll be free for users and will work on all U.S. carriers.  MySpace has become such a phenomenon and ranks as one of the most visited sites globally, it makes sense for News Corp. to develop a mobile version. Besides providing a mobile experience for their users, another main goal that News Corp is trying to accomplish with this move is to attract advertising for mobile web sites.

As mentioned, the mobile version of MySpace will be ad-supported.  Ads will include banner ads as well as sponsorships, for now anyway’s.  In the future though, local advertising will be implemented using GPS data sent by the phones. They’ll also use targeted advertising based upon the information a user has on their page and in their blogs.

Those using a mobile phone to access MySpace will be able to do the following:

  • Send and receive messages
  • Receive friend requests
  • Add friends
  • Comment on photos
  • Post bulletins
  • Search for friends
  • Update blogs

Assuming MySpace mobile goes over well, News Corp. intends on adding mobile versions of other sites like Fox Sports and Photobucket. A mobile version of Photobucket would be awesome because users would be able to upload photos right from their camera phones which means less hassle!

In the future , I think we’ll see more and more sites developing a mobile version as the quality of a mobile Internet experience increases and people are more inclined to use it.