AJAX Yahoo Mail Many people from around the world can test out the new Yahoo! Mail Beta but there is another alternative if you want that fancy AJAX functionality without the slow loading time. As a compromise you will have to be using Firefox because this feature is only available as an extension.

The Firefox extension that I am referring to is called AJAX Yahoo! Mail and it will add a +/- button next to each email you receive. Clicking on that button will reveal/hide the message in the email without ever leaving the page that you are on. You’ll also still have one-click access to all of the email attachments that may have come along.

This feature almost reminds me of the Greasemonkey script that I use for GMail. I’m not sure which feature I would rather have: the popup balloon that the Greasemonkey script provides or the “inline” message display that this extension offers. I think that both have their own perks but since I am primarily a GMail user it looks like I’ll be sticking with the Greasemonkey script.

Thanks to “ffextensionguru” for the tip!