Just recently, Google added a new feature so that you can associate non-Gmail addresses to your Google account. What I mean by this is that you can inform Google that you have other email accounts – maybe a Windows Live or Yahoo account. At this point, there are only two main advantages for doing this.  One advantage is that you can now log into your Google account with one of the added email addresses. The second advantage is that now if someone were to invite you to an event on Google Calendar using one of your other non-Gmail addresses,  Google will know that it’s you and the invitation will be displayed.

So how do you go about doing this? Go to www.google.com and sign in.  Then click on the edit link next to your personal information.  There’s a box (shown below) where you can enter in additional email addresses. 

add email address

Once you enter an address, you’ll notice that it’ll say “pending verification.” Google will send you an email to the email address that you entered where you’ll have to verify that it is in fact your account. The email I received when I entered in a Hotmail address is shown below.

 email address verification1

Keep in mind that if you decide to sign in to Google with one of the associated email addresses, you’ll enter the complete address (e.g., yourname@hotmail.com) and then you’ll enter your Gmail password (not the password for the associated account). If by chance you associate an email address with your Google account and you later decide that you no longer want it to be, you can easily remove it. Hopefully in the future, Google will add more benefits to using this feature other than the Calendar and the fact you can sign in to your Google account with another non-Google email address.

Source: Download Squad