Adding good search functionality to your site can often be a pain, but Sikbox wants to help make it easier. They are offering a no-hassle method to adding a search box to your site using JavaScript. Results will appear for users as they type, and Yahoo! is the search engine that powers the results. Personally I’m a bit more partial to Google, but in my initial tests I wasn’t disappointed with what was returned for my queries.

The shining point of Sikbox is truly how easy it is to test and configure. If you just want to test the results and functionality you can jump on over to their homepage, enter the URL of your site, and instantly start running queries. You can then take it a step further and actually get the JavaScript code that you can drop on your site, but first you’ll have to choose from one of six available themes. The themes, in the order they are pictured below, are: Default, Quicksilver Bezel, Dark, Grey and Yellow, Google Chrome, and Minimalist. If none of these strike you as interesting you can always draw up your own theme.

sikbox-theme1.png sikbox-theme2.png

sikbox-theme3.png sikbox-theme4.png

sikbox-theme5.png sikbox-theme6.png

The screenshots also demonstrate how each result is expandable using the plus sign along the right side. This will give you the brief description from the page that you’d normally see when performing a search at Yahoo.

The line of code that Sikbox will provide you with after you’re done selecting your options should look something like this:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

This is what the three parameters mean:

  • d – your domain name, to filter the results to your site only
  • r – number of records to show in the results
  • s – skin name, to use one of the prebuilt skins. Leave blank to use your own theme

In reality you don’t even have to go through their configuration utility. You can just grab that line of code, configure the three parameters, and place it on your site. You’ll instantly be serving up results.

There’s a few caveats to using a system like this, and the major one is that you’re relying on a third-party to serve up your results. The other thing is that all of this only works if the user has JavaScript enabled. In fact the search box won’t even display if JavaScript isn’t enabled, which means most developers will still have to put in an alternate search method for those visiting the site with JavaScript disabled.

Sikbox Homepage