Google Tabbed Feeds Adding feeds to your Google Personalized Homepage is easy to do but it isn’t nearly as efficient as what Netvibes has to offer. If you like the Google Homepage better then you might find this to be useful though.

The Feeds in Tabs module will let you add up to four feeds and it will place them in tabs so that you can easily view the news from multiple sites in just a few clicks. This is a great solution because it doesn’t clutter up the screen and it gives you the option to not show a summary, show a short summary, or show a long summary of the article.

If you have a ton of feeds you are trying to track then you should consider using the Google Reader module. It lets you see your recent unread feeds and also lets you filter them by labels. However, when using this module you cannot sort the articles by the source, which is why I like the Feeds in Tabs module a little better.

If you’re looking for the most powerful feed reader that you can get on a personalized homepage then you should look into Netvibes. You can view the full feed from a website using their intuitive RSS modules that they provide. In my opinion no homepage has come close to what they have to offer.