Chrome adobe acrobat pdf

I’ve been a Chrome user for quite some time now, and I was extremely happy when they added the built-in PDF reader about two years ago. That way when I click to open a PDF it renders very quickly right from within the browser. More often than not I don’t need all of the advanced features a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat brings to the table so this works well in my scenario.

The good news is that Chrome makes it easy to switch between what gets used to render PDFs inside the browser. All you have to do is type chrome://plugins in the browser’s address bar, and as long as you’ve already installed Adobe Acrobat you should see the disabled plug-in listed on the page. Clicking on the little Enable link will instantly switch the PDF rendering from using the Chrome PDF Viewer to using Adobe Acrobat. You don’t even have to restart the browser.

Chrome adobe pdf enable

If you ever want to switch back simply click the Enable link for the Chrome PDF Viewer and you should notice that the Adobe Acrobat plug-in automatically gets disabled.

Personally I do my best to not even install Adobe Acrobat on my machines, but I normally have it on one just for the obscure PDFs that don’t seem to open in anything else. I’m sure some of you may prefer it due to compatibility issues you’ve run into in the past, and hopefully this tweak will make things a bit easier for those of you that want to go that route.