Adobe AIR 1.0 has officially shipped and now we’re already starting to see applications built with the new platform. One such application is AOL’s Xdrive Desktop Lite. It was designed for uploading and downloading files from AOL’s Xdrive storage solution.  As a quick reminder, Xdrive is a service that allows users to store (for free) 5GB worth of data. It’s particularly useful for Windows users who can install Xdrive as a virtual hard drive and ends up being a backup solution.  The new Xdrive Desktop Lite works for Windows users but also Mac users now for the first time.

Xdrive Desktop Lite Features

  • Queue multiple files/folders for simultaneous upload and download
  • Easy-to-use file organization tools to create, move, and rename your folders
  • Preview of supported media files on the fly with built-in players
  • Browse files and your desktop, hard drive, or USB device, not just your Xdrive account
  • Drag-and-drop uploading

xdrive desktop lite

If you’d like to try Xdrive Desktop Lite, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Install Adobe Air (get it here)
  • Install Xdrive Desktop Lite and launch it (get it here)
  • Login to Xdrive Desktop Lite (using a AOL or AIM screen name) and begin using it

We’re excited about Xdrive Desktop Lite, especially because Windows Live SkyDrive which launched last week wasn’t all that we expected it to be. While they offer 5GB of storage like AOL does, Microsoft didn’t integrate it into Windows as well as they could have. AOL’s solution isn’t perfect, but with Adobe Air behind it now, the application looks great which is always a plus. And with competitors like omnidrive, mozy,, and SkyDrive, AOL needed something to set themselves apart from the others. For those who need more space, AOL offers 50GB of storage for $9.95 per month or $99.50 for the year.

Eventually AOL intends to say “adios” to the PC only desktop version and stick with an application built with Adobe’s Air platform.

Source: Download Squad