Adobe didn’t want to be left out in the time when everyone is buying everyone so they stepped up and purchased Serious Magic for an undisclosed amount. Actually, this is one of the most logical purchases that I have seen in a long time.

It is obvious that Adobe likes “Flashy” things (no pun intended) just by looking at the applications they offer. You know what I mean…how many “shoot the monkey” ad banners have you seen developed in Flash? I know that they aren’t the ones who created the banner but it is still a byproduct from their application.

I haven’t used many of the Serious Magic applications before but the one I have tried is Ovation. It is basically a program that will convert your PowerPoint presentation into something that is more animated. Just click on any of these thumbnails to see screenshots and a demonstration video of the many themes that come standard with the product. Ovation also has a great presentation system (pictured above) so that you know exactly what is going to pop-up next on the slide.

Of course the software does cost $100 if you want to purchase it but I have only done the 15-day trial. From my experience it does work really well except I always had problems with images being blurry after Ovation imported my PowerPoint slides. They may have gotten some of the kinks worked out but I’m sure now that they are a part of the Adobe team they will be able to utilize each other’s technologies in order to make their applications better.

For more information on the acquisition please review the press release that Adobe has made available.