Adobe Creative Suite 3 Expected By The End Of 2006

Since Microsoft isn’t going to be able to pull off their holiday season release date of Windows Vista then hopefully Adobe will be able to cover them by releasing the next edition of Creative Suite. Adobe Creative Suite 3 is currently code-named Banana Split and there is a chance that it will be released before the ball drops for 2007! Rumors are that Photoshop (code-named Red Pill) will come in two different versions where the high-end version will focus more on the video market. It also sounds like Photoshop will have a slight GUI makeover, but I hope it will not throw people off from what they are used to!

There are going to be some other software updates to the Creative Suite as well. Adobe has hopes that they can make Illustrator handle more like Photoshop does. To help that along, they will be implementing an eraser feature which is similar to how Photoshop uses the eraser. Also, because of the acquisition of Macromedia you shouldn’t be surprised if there is any Flash integration thrown in here and there.

News Source: Think Secret