Adobe Digital Editions

So Adobe has finally gotten around to releasing a PDF Reader that doesn’t take ages to open. They call it Adobe Digital Editions and it is a Flash-based application without many options, which can be seen in the screenshot.

I went to their site and decided to install it thinking that it was going to download some kind of setup file to my computer. Well, it isn’t exactly your typical installation. It is all done in a little Flash window and then all of a sudden it says that the installation is complete. There is no “where would you like to install this” or any of those questions that you would typically expect.

Then I was in awe that it installed a shortcut in my Start Menu and there was actually an uninstallation option in the Add/Remove Programs. That kinda worries me because it only took a few clicks to perform the installation…and think about all of the Flash banners out there that people click on.

After the “installation” I opened the program to see what it was like. It was actually more difficult to open a PDF then I would have ever imagined! There is no option to “Open a File,” instead you have to add a PDF to the library and then you can open it. Between that and the huge lack of features I decided that it won’t be pulling me away from Foxit Reader. I thought Adobe was listening to what the people wanted…but they must have ear muffs on or something.

News Source: Digg