Photoshop CS3

It seems like only yesterday that Adobe released Photoshop CS2 but I guess time flies when you’re having fun, as everyone likes to say. The release day for Photoshop CS3 is in the near future but before we can get to it there needs to be some testing. Starting today owners of Photoshop CS2 can download and install the latest Photoshop CS3.

So are you ready for the catch now? You need to have a valid Adobe serial number (for one of several products listed below) in order to use Photoshop CS3. Here is a quote from the download page about how it works:

A licensed copy of Photoshop CS2, Creative Suite 2, Production Studio, Adobe Web Bundle, or Adobe Video Bundle is required to use this technology beyond a two-day trial period. After installation you will be prompted to enter a CS3 beta serial number for Photoshop. To obtain a beta serial number, visit and enter your CS2 serial number. Although the beta is available only in English, all language versions of Photoshop and the products mentioned above qualify to participate.

That is a little disappointing because I thought it would be an open Beta and reading through this review makes it sounds really sweet. The new quick selection tool looks to be greatly improved so that it is no longer a pain to get Photoshop to select the area that you want it to. That is one thing that both experienced and non-experienced Photoshop users will appreciate.

The overall screenshot of Photoshop CS3 that was provided makes it look like they changed the layout of the application itself. I’m not sure if that’s because it was done on a Mac (which I haven’t used Photoshop on) or if it looks similar for Windows users. Either way this application sounds like a nice upgrade for Photoshop users.

Download Photoshop CS3 (registration required)

News Source: Digg