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Adobe has presented hackers with yet another challenge thanks to their new breed of Creative Suite 4 (CS4) applications that were released less than two weeks ago. They try do everything they can to stop software pirates from stealing their programs, but it’s inevitable that someone somewhere will find a workaround.

Unfortunately for Adobe that time came way too soon with CS4. It didn’t take long for the bulky downloads to get transformed into torrents, and then shared across networks worldwide. The Windows version of the Adobe CS4 Master Suite weighs in at 5.6GB, while the Mac version is nearly 7GB. It’s not exactly something you’d want to download via dial-up.

The catch… most downloads being posted merely contain trial versions of each Adobe CS4 application. Working cracks and key generators are available separately though. Some cracks are designed to actually patch the executable files for various programs (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc…), while others take a more interesting approach. In fact one version doesn’t have to modify any of the files.

The first workaround that was found uses a key generator that spits out keys for both Windows and Mac versions of the Master Suite. Once the software tries to contact Adobe, however, the keys will get deactivated and you’ll have until the end of the year before Photoshop and the other apps will stop working. Ingeniously someone came up with a way to get around this by modifying the operating system’s HOSTS file (available on both Mac and Windows) so that any requests to Adobe’s server’s never leave the comfort of your machine. If it can’t contact Adobe then it can’t deactivate the software.

Your activation system was a valiant effort Adobe, but it looks like it will be another 18-months (or whenever CS5 is released) before you’ll get another shot at stopping the pirates.

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  1. I am rather surprised that this site would ‘advertise’ the fact that Adobe software has been cracked and is available for download on torrent websites. Had there been some sort of condemnation of the cracking of Photoshop etc., it might have been more acceptable. However, I am sure that many will thank you for the service. As far as I am concerned, I grabbed it by torrent download as soon as it was available :twisted:

  2. @apex2000: It’s not like Ryan posted links to the torrents and keygens. It’s just an article. A little knowledge never killed anyone.

    • haha “A little knowledge never killed anyone”…how wrong you are…lol but a valid point here I guess…

  3. They seem to be two steps ahead of Adobe.

  4. We like these kind of news :mrgreen:

  5. Anonymous wrote:
    We like these kind of news :mrgreen:

    Are you the anonymous that never pays for anything and just takes takes takes, driving business models to change and artists and creators to have to give up their dreams or starve? :roll:

    • Adobe has enough money, and as for starving artists, well then they should take there starving asses to Google and search up words like ‘open source’ and ‘Gimp’
      proving that photoshop can be completely free

    • If anything, it helps the starving artists have more tools at their disposal for free. This affects software developers, not the artists that use the software.

    • creator and business group have a right to dream or sell but they have no right to rob customer exorbitantly. but western business modell cannot uderstand it.

    • No I am not the anonymous that does not pay; I am the stupid one who paid for an application and got ripped off by Adobe, that decided not to honor my license of the CS3 Designer application. After buying two licenses for CS3 Creative Suite two years ago, and because my PC has broken down about four times since; hard drive damaged by brownoputs; Adobe decided they had given me too many breaks to activate the program. They plainly denied me activation. My wife’s PC broke the hard drive also but she does not dare to reactivate her license yet, just in case she really needs the application some day. Bye bye to the hundreds paid for a program which Adobe thinks I may have used too long. I stil have the original case in which it came. In my country there is a saying that goes: “Ladrón que roba ladrón, tiene cien años de perdón” translates to : A thieve who steals from a thief gets one hundred years of forgiveness.

  6. Pirates can’t be stopped, it is a waste of time. But hey, if Adobe wants to waste time I say let ‘em!

  7. I believe this Master Collection crack came out on Oct. 17th or 18th, only two or three days after the official CS4 release.

  8. seems that it is from a Chinese website named x-force

  9. Like apex2000, I’m rather surprised by this article. Somehow I had a different impression of this site.

  10. Michael Dobrofsky wrote:
    Are you the anonymous that never pays for anything and just takes takes takes, driving business models to change and artists and creators to have to give up their dreams or starve? :roll:

    I am. But seriously… starve? LoL.

  11. Nice post. Not everyone talk about this, but thousands use to get the cracked version the first day is out! (not me of course :roll:)


  12. apex2000 wrote:
    I am rather surprised that this site would ‘advertise’ the fact that Adobe software has been cracked and is available for download on torrent websites.

    We’ve actually written about this type of stuff before… especially when Windows releases get leaked. It’s always a bit amusing to see just how fast this sort of stuff comes about, and what ways hackers find around the activation.

    Ahoy Matey wrote:
    I believe this Master Collection crack came out on Oct. 17th or 18th, only two or three days after the official CS4 release.

    Judging by upload dates on some torrent sites the complete crack wasn’t discovered until later. The key generator was out before then, but the keys it produces will be set to expire as soon as Adobe is contacted the first time.

    Leonid Mamchenkov wrote:
    Like apex2000, I’m rather surprised by this article. Somehow I had a different impression of this site.

    We wrote the article not from the standpoint that everyone should go download it illegally, but more from the fact that it’s interesting the types of workarounds people find. If I was really trying to promote piracy I would have provided links to the torrents. Some people find reading about hacking interesting despite the fact that they never engage in it.

  13. Maybe apex2000 and Leonid Mamchenkov can blame The New York Times or CBS or CNN by the Nine Eleven too… 8O

  14. @Ryan: I should have clarified that I was seeing it pop up on Usenet rather than a torrent directory. Agreed, the shite version came out first, on the 17th according to Newzleech, then the fixed version came out a week or so later.

    @Anyone disappointed about the nature of this article: I’d like to remind you that no download information links were provided, it does not promote the use of pirates software in any way and the fact remains that a HUGE percentage of people DO use pirated software…so it’s actually relevant news. Take, for instance, [] I interpret those results to mean that Ryan, the author of this post, succeeded in producing a fact-based piece that speaks to the majority of his audience who are Adobe users. Nice work ‘drilling in’, Ryan.

    @Michael Dobrofsky: My good sir, it seems that your idealistic view of this topic is a bit too black and white to reflect reality. Truth be told, ‘free’ access to creative software ALLOWS artists to produce their unique works…it doesn’t stymie that process. In addition, Adobe sure doesn’t seem to be hurting much either…they’ve basically been at the top of the industry for two decades, have swallowed everything in their path (including Macromedia) and, aside from the current global economic woes, their stock is trading near all-time highs. What they’ve learned is that a certain amount of prevention is necessary, but that the majority of people who start out using pirated software become paying users as they both mature personally and become established professionally.

    @Everyone: I’d like to take this opportunity to remind folks about ‘the’ [] and [] two of the numerous open source alternatives to corporate software products.

    @The Future: Be seein’ you soon!

  15. LOL

    And what about people like us working for the company? How do you stop us? :P

  16. :mrgreen: wow, i love hearing these types of news, haha

  17. LOL go xforce…

    and keygens are not intended for the ‘end user’ only for other persons in the cracking scene….
    they are leaked from ftp sites known as ‘dumps’ that are set so the cracker can only log in to his account through his ip and usually are ssl secured.

    i should know i used to be in CRUDE

  18. i need software runs photoshop cs4
    i hope works ;)

  19. Honestly. If Adobe wouldn’t charge $1,000 + for their software, then people wouldn’t go out of their way to screw Adobe and crack the software. If they would put it out for a reasonable price that everyone can afford, they would probably find that their sales will increase due to the fact that since it’s affordable, people will go out and purchase a legal copy of the software instead of spending countless hours finding an illegal cracked copy. It’s Adobe’s own fault really.

    • Nice excuse, but so wrong. The reason it is $1,000+ is BECAUSE it has to make up lost money from the pirated versions. You can buy legitimate CDs and DVDs for $10 but those are constantly pirated at absolutely ridiculous rates.

      Its not Adobe’s own fault. If people can find a way to get something for free (legal or not), they are going to do it.

    • Sam, that is complete and utter BS.

      Adobe charges $1,000 because they can. It is called Supply and Demand. Companies and professionals will pay this cost because they can make up the difference with what they are doing with it. If they couldn’t recoup their costs, nobody would buy it…but obviously they are.

      Most software vendors will have some sort of anti-pirating mechanism in there because it is called due diligence. Yes, a pro car thief can steal your car no matter what but you get insurance breaks for “doing your part” by locking your doors, installing car alarms, etc.

  20. Matt, that’s retarded. It’s their fault they’re wanting you to pay them for incredibly advanced software? I guess if you want a Hummer and don’t want to pay for it, you can just blame the company and then go steal one. “They shouldn’t be selling them for so much if they don’t want it to be stolen!” How idiotic to justify theft because you don’t want to pay that much. I guess if you ever sell your used car, and someone doesn’t want to pay that price, don’t whine like a little baby when someone jacks it and blames YOU.

    • If someone could just “download” a Hummer and use a keygen to make it’s keys…

    • Honestly, If Photoshop was $10-50 I’d go buy a copy to save myself the hassle of finding a cracked copy. I don’t see the point in paying $300 for a program that I’m going to use maybe 2 times a week.

    • Ha, ha, ROTFLMAO… a Hummer? CS3 did not even install properly. After getting it installed and activating, it messed up the next Acrobat Reader when it tried to install in my PC. They give you a limit on the times you PC can break down before they decide you will not activate the application again. So please do not compare this to a Hummer! LOL

  21. :oops:

    This really serves Adobe right. The cost of a legal copy of this software is worth over my annual income. Do I just fold my hands an work away from using it. It’s not possible. All the same lets start by using the illegal to purchase the legal.

  22. ive got the cracked version running just fine on my comp, i got around it real easy, its a little more complicated than just the keygen and not allowing it to contact adobe, altuogh it only took me 30 mins to crack it, it does take a long time to download. long live piracy, right up until these giant software company’s give us a reasonable price,then i will stop.

  23. About the high price of Adobe products, what about a “light” version for the home user. I have registered versions of Acrobat 7.0 Professional, Photoshop 6.0 and In Design 2.0, and get the job done. What about a “light version” of Audition, In-Design, Photoshop and Dreamweaver?
    Yea there is Soundbooth and Photoshops Essentials, but they are still quite pricey. As for the person who speaks of the pirated user eventually buying the product that is true, and Adobe can determine the loss/gain ratio.
    Finally, as a systems engineer we do an initial technical risk prediction as the program managers do their business risk prediction. They are potential cost over-runs manpower shortage, lack of expertise, operating system incompatability (Vista) and performance on a legacy PC’s (P4-HT) and so on.
    This is why Microsoft releases BETA version and freely distributes it. Nowadays they shut it off around the time the official relase is made available, and this is getting the public to be testers without having paying them. Notice how the BTA user agrees to report any problems and accept automated BETA upgrades/fixed to be downloaded .
    I used to be a Microsoft BETA tester until they discontinued their policy of providing their registered BETA tester with a free license of the released version.
    There you go Adobe, put together a BETA tester questionaire, and if they have the technical skills and motivation to use the BETA version go ahead and make them a BETA tester.
    And in return give them a licensed copy upon release

  24. :mrgreen: Me, Me, Me, it’s always a whine about “I can’t afford the software” or “the bigger corporations deserve it because their software is expensive”, in that case you should be playing with a stick since you can’t make a decent living using professional tools, hard working people pays the price because these are tools second to none, yeah you can also use alternatives that will always be free as someone else already pointed out, so none is forcing you to use Adobe products, so quit your whining and yes, if you didn’t pay for it is the same as stealing, and don’t give me that 0′s and 1′s bs, there…

    • I completely agree with you, im a student, i have debt but i was able to afford Adobe photoshop CS3. My parents are in debt helping me pay for school so no im not rich. Even if your parents are poor try saving money a little at a time, you know, like a dollar or two a day, and you’ll have enough in about a year and a half to buy the newest version at the time. Stop whining about wanting it but not being able to afford it, and if you go into debt to get it, practice a lot and get people to commission you for drawings and earn money to pay the debt off. If you want professional software, you better be dam good or at least be able to make money with it.

  25. Blah blah, I bet these same people riding along on their high horses have downloaded songs and watched a bali dvd. But what’s the bet they’ll never admit it! I would love the real version of CS4, but Adobe has royally screwed themself in my opinion because I already bought the original CS. And then what, upgrade EVERY 2 weeks when they decide they can add another filter? nuh uh. I might buy every fifth version thanks!

    • well there’s a valid point!

      The cracked version does the not-enough-money-in-me-pockets people some good. As for the ones who are willing to pay for it, good for them!

      @Ryan: *thumbs up* Nice article. Useful. Informative. And not at all hack-it oriented ^_^

  26. i think its ok to download and crack the software if you only use it for private like learning and pimping up your family pics. i am a student for media design and photography and already have to pay 400 bucks a month to the university. but also i need these programs so i can be “up to date”. in the future when i have make my own money with my work i will use only legal software. but for now i just cant affort it.

    greets from germany

  27. and i forgot to say. the marked i will be working in is forcing me to buy and fully learn all aspects of this software. cause its the standard. i need premiere, after effects, dreamweaver, illustrator, flash, photoshop, lightrooms and thats only adobe. also i have to pay my appartment and living costs with nearly no income. do you expect someone like me to spare the money for a year instead of studying??

  28. The whole idea of selling software is ridiculous if you ask me, right up there with copyright infringement and patents. You can have what you buy and sell what you have. All this talk about hummers and whatnot. If I began singing “Thriller” in my bathroom, in the ultimate likeness of Michael Jackson’s voice, should I be sued for copyright? If I photographed the Mona Lisa, printed it and sold copies of it, what right do people have of saying I stole it? It’s absurd. You can’t STEAL software. In the first place, you can’t own SOFTWARE. It can be in your possession because it’s on your computer, but once it leaves your hard disk and enters the world wide web, it’s public property. I’m using pirated software. Who am I stealing from? People who bought it? People who made it? So how come they still have THEIR copy? How can something be stolen if it’s still possessed by the person it was allegedly stolen from? If I could copy and paste someone’s hummer and took that away, you can’t say I stole someone’s hummer. The other guy still has his. People really…

    • You know how the argument actually goes. Thats a weak attempt at legitimizing something you know is wrong.

      I’m not saying I don’t have pirated software and music and movies (not saying I do either), but at least I know why what I’m doing is wrong.

    • Just for clarity… You can have the software for free, Adobe will let you give the CD to friends family, but unless you own a licence you can only use it as a trial for 30 days.

      So your arguement is correct, the software itself is not worth the money people pay and you can obtain this for free.

      BUT the right to use the software is what you pay for, the licence itself.

      Steal a user’s legitimate key, you steal from the people who bought it. Hack the software so it doesn’t require a key at all, you steal from the people who made it.

      Hope this helps.

  29. Lol we win.

  30. If there is no way to pay the damn thing how do they expect us not to use a crack? $1000+, ‘tan locos. With that I won’t be surprised if Adobe fails.

    • Bunch of @%*&^%s! “oh, if it was like $5 I would buy it! How they ‘spect us to pay for da stuffs?! We has no monees cuz we live in mommys bazements!!!11aahh”
      Don’t you dummys realise you GOTTA PAY TO PLAY. This isn’t “100 card games on PC”, this is ADOBE MFING PHOTOSHOP, it cost them LOTS to develop so its gonna cost you LOTS to use it. Grow up and be a man, is a one time fee of $700 REALLY that much to ask for the latest and greatest image editing ware? Only a broke-@ss lil B!TCH would think so. LEARN2MONEY b4 LEARN2WHINE

  31. I have dabbled with my share of pirated programs, but as a developer and graphic designer, I must say, using the excuse that software is just “1s and 0s” is a pretty poor justification for stealing a product that someone has been paid to create. You could say the Mona Lisa is just linseed oil, canvas, and pigment and use the same justification.

    I do agree that Adobe’s prices are pretty high, but the reason is because they are THE premier source for high-end visual software. I don’t understand anyone’s complaining that they are “forced” to buy these programs for their job. It’s called a business expense. Whether you’re freelancing or full-time, you can write it off on your taxes if you use it to generate income for yourself. Any freelancer would know this.

    On the other hand, pirating copies of CS4 is most certainly NOT going to cause anyone to starve. If you have a job at Adobe Systems, you’re getting a nice little paycheck, whether people pirate your stuff or not.

    I think Adobe needs to meet us halfway on this kind of stuff. I agree with the idea of releasing “lite” versions of some of their more popular (and expensive) software for people who want/need to learn it but do not need the full technical capabilities.

    my $0.02

  32. Adobe’s gotta lower the price on these products. I mean, come on! “$699.99?”
    As if I want to have a lighter wallet! Until then, I’ll pirate all of Adobe’s software until such changes have been made!

  33. Hmm, a ‘lite’ version. If only….. (dreaming) I’d call it… (dreaming) Photoshop Elements (dreaming)

    Too bad it’s only a dream.

  34. i like this web site and i would like to receive such a tremendous opportunity

  35. So I think you have activated your trial version of Adobe CS4

  36. where the serial or crack ? pls

  37. Any advice? I am considering purchasing a factory sealed copy of cs4 for $150. I also have access to the cracked version. Is it worth it to be able to get regular updates. I’ve never owned a licensed copy, only cracked versions.

    • no no no!i know this is old and hopefully u didnt its most likely counterfiet (Sic)

  38. Buying a cheaper version from a vendor who is not an Adobe Authorized reseller is a risk. Even if it is only a few bucks cheaper. You really need to verify the serial number or the vendor through Adobe before you can trust thet you do not have a pirated copy.

  39. too many peep whining about how cracked software is super bad before u judge what u dont know take a look at you tube see how many people use programs like after effects,autodesk,photoshop extended,the amazing special effects and 3d stuff even 12 year olds are doing…so the chances of this youngster mastering the programs before thay go to school for it,….a LOT higher than if they had to pay 5 grand for all the software!

  40. i likes it, thank you

  41. Interesting article. Thanks Ryan.

    As for all the comments on – use cracked / use the legit version and pay, it’s interesting to see the different points of view.

    Most of the people endorsing the cracked version and not paying are all about that it costs TOO much, not that it has a cost.

    Most of the people endorsing paying for it seem to be working in the industry, and are using the software to gain an income and therefore can recoup some of the costs of the software (making it cheaper).

    The big thing here is though – using a cracked version – it’s theft.

    Regardless of Adobe’s reasoning behind it’s pricing models – too big – too small – whatever – it’s theft plain and simple. The same as walking into the store – grabbing the box and running out with it. Albeit far more impersonal.
    Actually it’s more like breaking in and stealing it. Admittedly it seems Adobe’s lock on the door is pretty flimsy.

    My thoughts are – that if you need to use the Adobe software and you can’t afford to get a legit version, and you want to remain legal, then you have a couple of options.

    1.) Use the trial version (but learn fast, or get that work done fast)
    2.) If you’re working for someone and they require you to use that software – then work in the costs of it into the costs of the job.
    3.) Ask your employer to buy it for you.
    4.) Ask the educational institution to purchase it.

    Bit naive? Possibly. But only way to remain legal.

    Other than that – use the open source stuff. It’s good. Really Good. Sure it’s not Adobe, but most have copied/imitated either the interface/functions/techniques available, and although not exactly the same, it’s good. If you’re learning you should be understanding the why and how of how to do something, not just learning what to click on to make it happen.

    Anyhoo… my blah blah about it.

    Thanks again Ryan.

  42. where i can download i cant see it :( plzz someone help me

  43. Hey all! I am a poor white female artist that fell in loooove with the Adobe CS4 cracked version. Learned how to use it using tutorials from youtube. But my computer crashed and I no longer talk to the dude that downloaded it and cracked it for me. But I thought to myself….. why rely on some other genius to do it for me? I want to learn how to do all this shit myself. I had Sims and all the expansion packs too. So I was wondering if someone sweet enough on here could give me a lesson on how to do this cracking shit. Cuz I am literally having withdraws from not using CS4. To the haters of piracy… sorry, I’m converting. I use to have every game I wanted, movie, and even software. I would like to learn how to get it myself.

  44. Is just a fair fight, that is all about. When they made ACR_5.2 they didn’t care about CS3 or CS2 users(they will say that they didn’t have any options which is ridiculous excuse from my point of view); if you want to use the new cameras you have to buy the “new” :( CS4 another 150$ (450$ if you don’t have CS at all) from our pockets to make the upgrade and that filled me with so much rage. Now I’ll try as much as I can to go around adobe team and to use the same cheats like them.
    I’m really sorry but they force us to do this.

  45. i can’t find this software . where i can find it

  46. I agree with Sam, if it was cheaper more people would buy it.I would.
    A thousand plus dollars is massive price for a non business user. Charging home users the same as a business, who can claim it as being a tax deduction/ business expense is more than a little rude.

  47. Great application, but difficult to activate

  48. thank you very match

  49. A friend gave me a cracked version of the photoshop and the key to activate it stopped working! I heard you could buy an “upgrade” to photoshop and therefore get a legitimate serial number to put it. Is this true?

  50. how to download adobe soft cs4 ! :D

    • O yes please tell me, how to download with out paying. lol.
      Adobe must make their products cheeper so most people can afford it cause I can’t and I need the program PLEASSSSSSSE

  51. It’s inevitable that people will pirate this product at such a high price.

    Adobe should adapt and be able to cater to these people who are still using ADOBE products.

    Charlie Sheen.

  52. I used to have pirated Sony Vegas, and Photoshop CS. Personally I think it’s the best *FREE* advertising software giants can have! I ended up purchasing legal copies of both right from the companies.

    Their incessant battling against hackers is as ridiculous, inefficient and pointless as the music companies banning talk radio shows from allowing a twenty second bumper clip to be downloaded to a podcast. Again, *FREE* advertising. I have purchased many songs as the result of bumper music on my podcasts, until my show was threatened by the big labels to pay up or stop allowing the practice.

    These companies, all media companies, need to think out of the box, and start using this pirate issue to their advantage, rather than spending millions trying to prevent it. Their efforts are like trying to stop a dyke leak using bubble gum and paperclips, it’s never going to succeed.


    please………….. Photoshop number

  54. Please give the serial no.

  55. enough of your mumbling about activation and buying stuff! you are on the crack zone! shut your mouth up follow the instructions and the software is already free.

    do you people got that?

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