I was quite surprised today when I saw an email in my Inbox letting me know that Adobe Photoshop CS4 (codename Stonehenge 11.0) has been leaked. I checked some of the BitTorrent sites and it does indeed look like it is available to anyone that wishes to download it. From what I’ve read the Adobe CS3 serial numbers do not work so you’ll need an updated serial number to get it running, but doing so wouldn’t exactly be legal.

The person who sent me the tip wishes to remain anonymous, but they did let me know that they haven’t found anything new in the release thus far. The compilation date of this build is November 1st, 2007 meaning it is a little dated already, and it was likely an early release sent out to key testers. Rumors have it that this build of Photoshop CS4 only contains Vista compatibility fixes, and not really anything else.

Lucky for you the tipster was kind enough to attach a screenshot of Adobe Photoshop CS4 running in XP with the new splash screen:

 adobe cs4 stonehenge
(Click to Enlarge)

There is no word on a release date at this point, but in the past Adobe has released new versions of their Creative Suite every 18 to 24 months. That would mean Adobe CS4 will be available somewhere between October 2008 and April 2009.