and pasting is something that we’ve come to do on a regular basis without thinking twice. What I find interesting is that over all of these years the basic concept has not changed. On most operating systems you copy one item, it gets stored on a clipboard, and is immediately overwritten when a newer item is copied. Retrieving previously copied images or text typically requires a third-party app.

PasteCopy.NET is one of those free apps that adds some extended clipboard functionality. With it everything you copy gets saved into the application in the format that it was copied, and can be organized into custom categories. Both images and formatting are retained, which is something similar applications don’t always do. You can even go as far as to edit the text that’s being stored, which can then be re-copied to your clipboard.

Still not enough? Rich text (RTF) can quickly be converted to plain text (TXT) so that the formatting is removed. Similarly HTML can be converted to both RTF and TXT.

For me PasteCopy.NET is only missing one thing. I’d love for it to let users search through all of the things they’ve copied so that it can serve as a memory aid as well. Other than that I’d say this is a fantastic app, and is updated regularly.

PasteCopy.NET Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)