There are hundreds of sites I visit pretty regularly, but one site I visit every single day is Techmeme. Some of you may be regular visitors to the site as well because they track what’s going on in the tech blogosphere. All it takes is a quick glance up and down the page and you’ve got yourself a great idea of what’s going on and where the discussions are. It’s been a pretty popular place to be since they launched back in 2005, and they’ve only grown in popularity. While people find the site useful, many have complained over the years that there is no search feature. That has meant finding stories from the past was near impossible.

The days of complaining are over because just yesterday they announced a new search feature. They posted about it on their blog, and the title was very fitting, “Techmeme listens: 32 months in the making, search arrives!” It sure has been a long time in the making, but it’s here and they did a good job with it, making sure to include an Advanced search feature. I decided to give it a try so I used an advanced search method and narrowed my search based upon the source name. Into the search box I entered sourcename: “CyberNet News” and it pulled up articles from us that appeared on the site. I could have also narrowed the search based upon URL, date, author, and more.

techmeme source.png

According to the announcement, the basic search feature will return items that at one point appeared as a full headline on the site, and they’ll appear in chronological order. Those headlines that appeared as a “discussion” aren’t included – if you use the site, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

To access the search feature, just look for the search box at the top of or you can also go to

Thanks to the search box, Techmeme has gotten 10 times more useful! Check it out…