Alexaranking1Just a few days ago, Alexa added some noticeable improvements to their Traffic details page. This information is helpful to publishers, and gives them a better idea of who their traffic is, and where it’s coming from.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that you can see where traffic is coming from geographically.  For example, I pulled up the traffic rankings for CyberNet, and it shows that 38.8% of our traffic comes from the United States, 9% is coming from the UK, 5.5% comes from India, and the rest is broken down among several other countries.

Not only can you see where the users are coming from, but you can also see how your website ranks in other countries.  Today in the United States, we’re ranked 16,855, but in India we’re ranked 12,484, and in the United Kingdom, we’re ranked 19,281.  Now we have a better idea of how we stand both in the United States and else where.


Another major change is how Alexa expresses how many people have been reached.  Previously, it showed the reach per million. That number always confused a lot of people, so now it’s being shown as a percentage. For example, it shows that yesterday, we reached 0.004% of the people on the Internet. Another example is MySpace which is ranked 5 on Alexa, and yesterday they reached 4.74% of the people on the Internet.

All of this new information is helpful for both publishers, but also potential advertisers who are wanting to advertise on a site.  Advertisers like to know the demographics, and this is one way that they can get them. As a publisher, it’s always nice to know where traffic is coming from geographically, and now Alexa provides more detailed information specifically for this purpose.

Source: Alexa – Web Discovery Machine