It has been awhile since I have seen Alexa add any new features to their site but this is a pretty nice update. I noticed it when I went to take a look at the graph for CyberNet News and saw that they have several new options available.

The first and probably most obvious option that came to my attention was the ability to compare the traffic of 5 different sites on one single graph. That is a feature that helped make Alexaholic so popular which is probably why Alexa felt the need to add it to their own site.

The other really noticeable feature is the “smoothing” that you can enable on the graph. There is a little slider on the top so that you can make the graph appear much more fluid, instead of having a lot of jagged peaks. I tried to analyze how this works and it looks like for each point it is taking the traffic for the previous day, current day, and next day and averaging those together in order to get the “current day’s” traffic. It isn’t nearly as accurate but if you want a trend to be a little more noticeable then it might help.

The last thing that I noticed was that you can view charts for the last 7-days. Before the minimum length was 3-months but if you were clever enough you could alter the URL to view 7-day graphs. Now they let you do it with just the click of a button.

While I don’t believe that the Alexa rankings are very accurate I still think that they can be helpful when trying to recognize a site’s growth. Another unique way to monitor the traffic of a site is the service that Ashley recently discussed called Compete. Both sites provide rough estimates at best so it is important that you don’t get discouraged by the results they provide.