AllOfMP3 Releases Greatest 500 Albums

Sometimes it is hard to find those great songs that you want to download but Russian music site is trying to make it easier for you. This isn’t just your classic “Top Selling Albums” list that sites always provide. This list goes back in history to give you some of the best albums that money can buy (and it doesn’t take much to buy songs from here).

For those people that are not familiar with AllOfMP3 then you probably haven’t been keeping track of the news. The RIAA has been trying to shut them down for offering songs at about $0.10 per song, which is 10% of what Apple charges for songs. AllOfMP3 has remained alive because they have complied with Russian laws and claim to pay the proper royalties to the artists.

Even if you don’t want to buy the songs from them it is still interesting to view the list they came up with. Head over and check it out, it is like going through a time machine!

AllOfMP3 Greatest 500 Albums List