It’s been one tough journey for as the RIAA slowly sucked all life out of their music service based in Russia.  Their woes actually started years ago, but more recently you probably remember the $1.65 trillion ($150,000 per violation) lawsuit filed against them in December? Then back in May, AllofMP3 took a hard hit as most of their ways to accept payment were taken away. Without money, the RIAA knew that the service wouldn’t be able to survive for much longer.

If you go to, you’ll notice that it’s no longer there. Yep, it’s gone, but not really. The owners of AllofMP3 have decided to start a new website called MP3sparks. It’s just AllofMP3 in disguise with many similarities including cheap music. So while the RIAA is rejoicing, it won’t be for long because they’ll soon have another target to go after.


On under the legal section they explain that the material on their site is authorized and that they pay fees. They also explain that the user is responsible for knowing whether the site is legal in their country of residence. This information was also displayed on AllofMP3, and we know how legal that was, right?

With some albums being sold for under $2, it is hardly legal despite their claims. It is no different than and just another target for the RIAA to go after.  The RIAA has got to be sick of AllofMP3 and their owner, MediaServices by now. They’re like one of those bad reoccurring dreams that never goes away!