MoveIt2 File Sync
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Almost all file synchronization programs work off of a schedule on your computer. At a time that you specify the program will compare both the source and destination directories looking for changes that need to be made. This typically happens on a daily or weekly schedule, but what if you wanted something more instant than that?

A program called MoveIt2 can be setup to scan a directory every few seconds looking for changes, and if new files are found they can be moved, copied, or deleted from the directory. You can setup filters so that it will only include specific filetypes, which is nice for backing up only documents or just photos.

It has a lot of advanced options for where the files can be copied or moved to/from: a directory on the current computer, a directory on a networked computer, a FTP location, or it can be sent to an email address. The email option might actually be pretty useful because you could, for example, have it scan a folder for documents and then email it all .DOC files to Google Docs where it will be made available to you online.

There is just one catch. MoveIt2 Lite is completely free, but only lets you create one backup rule. If everything that you want to deal with is in a single directory then you’ll be just fine, but if you wanted to create multiple backup rules for different areas on your computer you’ll need to upgrade. The full version will run you $30, which might be worth it for some of you.

MoveIt2 Homepage (Lite version download link is located in the site’s sidebar)