alt-tab replacement.jpgBeing able to use Alt-Tab (or Command-Tab on Mac) to switch between running applications is something that I don’t think can ever be replaced. It’s just so simple and fast that it’s pretty hard to beat… unless you’re the type of person who keeps one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse. If that sounds like you then maybe you should checkout the tiny application called AltTab Fingertips.

AltTab Fingertips requires no installation and is completely portable. When it’s running you can press the F10 key to initiate a popup menu similar to the one shown in the screenshot above. It will list out all of the open windows, and selecting one will switch over to that particular application. The thing that makes this really nice is that the menu always appears in the spot where your mouse is currently located, meaning you won’t have to shift your focus (or mouse) to a different part of the screen to switch between windows.

To make this a little nicer the developer has made it possible to change the keyboard shortcut that displays the menu, and you can also exclude specific applications from appearing in the list. These two things can both be configured from the System Tray icon.

I think the only thing this is missing would be displaying the icons for each of the different applications in the menu. That’s something many people use for quick identification, and it would help make this a must-have app for any Alt-Tab user.

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