Last week Download Squad dug up a real gem when they found a website called AlternativeTo. This website lists out a lot of really popular applications like Photoshop, Nero, Dreamweaver, and the various Microsoft Office products. Then for each of them it provides alternatives (both free and commercial) that users can choose from.

The whole site uses a voting system to determine what applications are the most popular. What I like is that there are various ways to filter results. By that I mean you can actually have it only show free or open source applications that are alternatives to, for example, Photoshop. So if you’re not looking to spend any money this can really save you some time from trying to hunt down the apps yourself. Plus you can filter according to operating system.

It will be interesting to see if this site really ends up taking off. If it gains some traction it could become a valuable source of information for both consumers and developers… because this would provide developers with a way to promote their apps against that of their competition.

AlternativeTo Homepage