Ever since I released the Vista Flip3D mouse shortcut I’ve received a few emails from people who still prefer the Alt+Tab application switching (especially XP users who don’t have Flip3D). I have since modified my Flip3D AutoHotkey script, and spun it into a different variation that works great with the Alt+Tab key combination.

What this standalone (no-install needed) application does is execute the Ctrl+Alt+Tab key combination when you press and hold the left mouse button, and then press the right mouse button. The Alt+Tab application switcher will appear on the screen until you click on one of the windows that you want to switch to:

 AltTab Mouse

This should work in any version of Windows that supports the Alt+Tab key combination, and it can easily be set to start with Windows by placing it in your Startup folder located in the Start Menu. You’ll know this is running when you see the Vista-like orb in the System Tray, and you can temporarily disable the functinoality by right-clicking on the icon. Enjoy!

Here’s the one line of code needed for anyone looking to add this functionality to their own AutoHotkey script:

~LButton & RButton::send, {lalt down}{lctrl down}{tab}{lalt up}{lctrl up}

Download the AltTab Mouse Shortcut

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenters I found out that this script doesn’t work in XP since there is no Ctrl+Alt+Tab command. I’ve created a version that does work with XP, and it can be downloaded here. To use the XP version press and hold the left mouse button while you continue to press the right mouse button to switch between the windows. When you release the mouse buttons you will immediately be switched to the selected window. This version will also work in Vista if you would rather have this behavior over the “click to select” method mentioned above.