One of Google Calendar’s biggest downfalls is that they haven’t created a task manager. Calendars and task managers always go hand-in-hand so I don’t know what is holding Google back from integrating one into their calendar service.

It’s not a big deal anymore because Remember The Milk just released an awesome task manager that is easily integrated right into your Google Calendar. All you have to do is subscribe to this generic calendar (just click the link and it will ask you if you want to subscribe) and it will add a little icon between your large calendar view and your all-day tasks. The first time that you click on the icon you’ll need to login to your Remember The Milk account but it is all done from within Google Calendar. After you login you can start creating tasks:

Remember The Milk creating a task in Google Calendar

It couldn’t get much easier than that for managing your tasks. And the interface for listing all of your tasks is just as nice:

Remember The Milk task manager list

This is really awesome! The amount of AJAX this thing uses is astonishing and it almost makes the task manager feel like it is really built-into Google Calendar. The only thing that could be done better would be to place a list of the current tasks in the sidebar, but that is up to Google to do. ;)

News Source: Remember The Milk Blog [via Digg]