Deal Locker As you witnessed earlier today with the iPod Touch, Amazon is a great source of deals. The real question is how do you find all of the deals that you’re looking for without spending hours browsing through their products each day. Deal Locker has setup a great search tool for Amazon that will help you hunt down some of the cheapest stuff being sold.

Deal Locker isn’t using any search features that aren’t already offered directly from Amazon, but the interface is a bit better. First off you can choose which Amazon site that you want to search: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, or France. If you’d like you can enter a keyword that you want to search for, but more importantly you can choose a category and discount range to view. For example, you can have it show cheap Xbox games and accessories by entering in the following:

  • Keyword or Brand: Xbox
  • Category: Computer & Video Games
  • Discounted from: 90% – 99%

Your results will look something like this. Now you may look at some of the items and say “hey, that’s not at least 90% off.” What I noticed rather quickly is that it also takes a look at the used and new prices, which are often much cheaper than what Amazon is selling the items for.

I did do some searching around for DVD’s, and I was quite surprised at some of the new releases that it came up with at a rather reasonable price. I definitely recommend checking into the service.

Amazon Deal Finder [via Donation Coder & Lifehacker]