After three years in the making, Amazon has launched a wireless portable reading device called Kindle which they hope can improve “the book.” When I saw the price tag that read $399, I couldn’t help but initially think “who’s going to buy this at that price.” After reading about all that Kindle has to offer, I could easily see this turning into a “must-have” for book enthusiasts and something people would be willing to spend the money on.


One of the best features about Kindle is that it’s wireless.  You have instant access to over 90,000 blogs, books, magazines, and newspapers.  Say you’re on the train on your way to work and you wanted a new book to read to pass the time. All you’d have to do is power-up your Kindle and you could select what you wanted to read. The best part – no service or data plan is required! It uses Sprint’s high-speed data network so that you have instant access to the reading material that you want to read. Once you selected the material you wanted, it would be sent to your device.

Other features:

  • Search Wikipedia for free
  • Everything is backed-up at (if you lose the device or it breaks, you can get it all back)
  • Sharp and natural display with no glare (looks nothing like reading on a computer screen)
  • Light weight! Weighs only 10.3 ounces and can carry 200 books at a time

kingle Obviously the content that you want is going to cost because as we all know, books aren’t free.  Here’s a look at some of their prices: a monthly subscription to a newspaper will be $13.99 while a monthly subscription to a magazine will be $1.49 per month. Prices for books will vary, and if you wanted to read a blog, the monthly subscription fee is $1.99.  Personally, I think it would be better if they offered plans for blogs like for $5 or $6 so that you could read as many blogs as you wanted. $1.99 per month could really ad up if there are multiple blogs you like to keep track of.

It’ll be interesting to see if many people will buy it, but also if this will help out the e-book business which has been a flop. Given the price, I don’t think it’ll be something that people will instantly run out to buy, so Amazon better have some marketing tricks up their sleeves if they want this to turn into something more than Sony’s Portable Reader System.