amazon mp3 downloader Amazon MP3 has been getting a lot of great reviews for their 100% DRM-free music service that’s been offered since September 2007. They actually have a rather large selection of music, and being able to play it on any of your devices without restrictions is a huge plus. And you don’t pay any more for music from Amazon than you do on iTunes.

A few days ago Amazon really delivered a big hit against Apple by launching a Linux version of their MP3 downloader. Apple has neglected the Linux community for a long time treating them almost as if they don’t exist, but Amazon doesn’t want to follow they’re path. Amazon MP3 now has four separate downloads for Linux users depending on which distribution you’re using: Ubuntu 7.10, Debian 4, Fedora 8, and OpenSUSE 10.3. They’ve got instructions listed as to how you can install it in Linux, but it’s pretty much download, run, click install, done. They say that it should be up and running in about 30 seconds.

The Amazon MP3 downloader is available on all the major platforms now which will likely win them a lot of new fans. I applaud Amazon for recognizing that the Linux operating systems should not be ignored. And the fact that they are not catering solely to Ubuntu is something they should also be given credit for.

Amazon MP3 for Linux
Amazon MP3 for Windows
Amazon MP3 for Mac
[via Mashable]