Amazon price drop alert 1

There are several sites out there that can track price drops on Amazon, but Chintzee has some nice features that make it stand out from the others. For starters you can set up everything without needing to create an account. That includes getting alerted for price drop alerts by email, RSS, or by Direct Message on Twitter. If you opt for the Twitter method you’ll need to follow Chintzee first.

There are two things I really like about Chintzee. First, you can choose to only alert you when Amazon’s price drops for an item rather than one of their third-party merchants available on the site. That is really great if you want to make sure your item comes directly from Amazon.

The other thing I like is that they have RSS feeds available for all of the items. That means you can track price changes without ever giving out any of your personal information. Plus when you view the RSS feed the first time you’ll be able to see all of the price changes that have occurred over the past couple years.

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