TivoRemember back in February when TiVo and Amazon announced a partnership to bring movies to TiVo users? At the time, those who wanted to use the service were required to purchase the movies that they wanted from the Amazon website which obviously required the use of a computer. This just added an extra step in the process of trying to watch a movie. The good news is that as of today, a computer is no longer required!

The “Buy on TV” feature, as it’s being called, works with series 2 and series 3 TiVo’s that are connected to broadband Internet. Users will be able to purchase the movies that they want using their TiVo box, and the remote.  The entire experience from start to finish is done on the TiVo.

Buy on TV Quick Facts

  1. TV shows will cost $1.00 for each episode
  2. New movies just released on DVD will start at $7.97
  3. Older movies will start at $1.99
  4. More than 1,100 movies are available for rent
  5. More than 2,000 movies are available for purchase

Because it’s so easy to flip through movies right on your TV, it would probably be easy for children to purchase movies without parent consent. This won’t be a problem however, because there’s now a 5 digit pin which must be entered before a movie can be purchased.

There are several movie services like this available, but I’d say Amazon and TiVo take the cake with this one. People don’t like extra added steps to get what they want. “Buy on TV” is the simplest way to get the movies that you want on your TV without any hassles. Nice job!

Source: AP (Thanks for the tip Cory)