Amazon likes to be adventurous and try their hand at just about anything, and the proof of that can be found just by looking at services they launched in 2007 alone. There’s the “Amazon Fresh” grocery service that they launched back in August, and then of course their DRM-Free music store which received rave reviews when it launched in September. Those are just two among several other “adventures” they’ve taken on, and now it appears they’re working on another.

Recently launched a software download section where people can go to download TurboTax 2007 right from the site. At the moment, they’re only offering TurboTax downloads, but that doesn’t mean they won’t expand the service to offer more products in the future.  In fact, I think they’d be silly if they didn’t.  They’ve already taken the time to create a custom software downloader application, so now it seems obvious that they’ll be offering many more downloads in the near future.

amazon software download

The first thing you’ll do before buying a variety of different TurboTax products is install Amazon’s application. This downloader app will allow you to pause and resume your download like you’d expect from any other similar app.  It also supports 10 asynchronous connections so that your download speed is maxed out. From there you can purchase and begin to download one of five different TurboTax software solutions. Once you download it, you can download it again in the future for free from your Media Library which is nice.

Given the amount of software they already sell on their site, I think this would be the perfect time for Amazon to start offering software to be purchased as a download. This way, people can get it in their hands faster, without waiting for it to be shipped to them. And if they can offer competitive pricing (which they almost always do), I think they’ll be a real winner here.

Source: Download Squad