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I’m sure many of you have bought at least one thing from Amazon, and some of you are probably frequent shoppers. Maybe it’s their competitive pricing, the fact that you don’t get charged tax on the items you buy (for most states, at least), or maybe you fork over the $70 a year so that you get free 2nd shipping on most of your purchases.

What about an Amazon outlet store? What happens to all of those items that end up getting returned, which is inevitable considering the volume of their sales? WarehouseDeals.com – that’s where Amazon sells (at a discounted price) the items that have been returned and verified in working order.

Are the deals really that good? As with any outlet the deals will vary based upon how well the item actually sells. The site makes the deal a little deceiving because they tell you what the list price of the item is, and then what the outlet is selling it for. They conveniently leave off the price that Amazon.com typically sells it at. I took a few random items to compare the pricing though:

  • Samsung 32-inch LED TV – Amazon.com: $969 vs. WarehouseDeals.com: $805 = 17% off
  • Panasonic Lumix Camera – Amazon.com: $639 vs. WarehouseDeals.com: $579 = 9% off
  • Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) – Amazon.com: $46 vs. WarehouseDeals.com: $34 = 27% off

As you can see the savings varies quite a bit depending on the item you’re looking to purchase, but in general it seemed as though 10% was the typical reduction. The nice thing is that they are good about telling you what condition the item is in, and obviously the worse the condition the cheaper the item is. All of the items I looked at, however, were in “very good” or “mint” condition. So be sure to check it out if you’re on the hunt for a good deal!

Amazon Warehouse Deals (U.S.)
Amazon Warehouse Deals (U.K.)