Amazon Video Player Download

iTunes watch out! Amazon is making their move by coming out with their own video service for users to download movies. Amazon already has their video player up and is ready for you to download, but the Digital Video Store link still doesn’t work.

Just like iTunes you will be able to put these videos on your portable device but I couldn’t find anywhere that said which devices it will support. The real question is whether you can burn these to a DVD…and they said:

Yes, you can, but it will not be playable on a DVD player. This feature is not available at this time due to limitations of digital rights management.

They almost make you think that you will be able to burn these to a DVD so that you can watch them more easily, but the DRM got in the way of them doing that. They do say that the quality will be comparable to a DVD so I am sure someone will find a way to burn these.

News Source: Gizmodo