AMD LIVE Media Vault If you’re not into using AOL’s XDrive then maybe you’ll find a little more comfort with the AMD LIVE! Media Vault. The most obvious benefit of AMD’s offering is the increased 25GB file storage that they allow…but don’t forget to take a look at the fine print.

They let you upload/backup as often as you would like but you have to stay under the 25GB limit. However, you are limited to just 1GB of downloads per month! So what happens if you upload 25GB of photos or movies and you want to retrieve them all? Simple, it will either take you more than 2 years to get all of that information back or you could upgrade to the Elite plan ($9.95 per month) which will let you download 25GB of data in a month’s time.

There is also a backup/synchronization solution available that gives you a peace of mind by storing your information at a remote location. Even though the download limit is a bummer it is still a great deal. If you have a large photo library you can keep a backup on the Media Vault and if anything happens to your computer I’m sure it will be worth paying the $9.95 to get the pictures back. I think that’s what I’ll use the service for since I have over 6GB of photos and I don’t feel like splitting them up between multiple XDrive accounts.