One of the most useful tools for us as owners of CyberNet News is Google Analytics because it gives us a great idea of where our visitors are coming from, what time of day they visit, and how long they stay for. This information helps us in numerous ways, and it’s hard to imagine not having it available to use. Just as we like to know details of our readers, YouTube contributors have wanted this same type of information as well. Finally YouTube has launched analytics for YouTube videos called YouTube Insight.

YouTube Insight is for those who contribute to YouTube whether it be advertisers or those who upload videos to the site. This new statistics program will provide video uploaders with all kinds of more detailed information so that they know where their viewers are coming from and how many times a movie has been viewed in particular countries. Advertisers are also getting this information which could potentially help draw new advertisers to the service and new advertisers mean more revenue for Google and YouTube.

An example of how this information could be useful is for a band. They could use the information that they gather to help plan stops on a tour. If they get a lot of views on their video from several geographic areas in particular, then they know where to go. YouTube insight will count the number of times a user starts a video, although they won’t know how many actually finish it. Geographic information comes from IP addresses.

To view the new YouTube Insight information, just click “About this Video” which you’ll find by clicking “My Videos.” An example of the information is found below.  Notice that there are two tabs of information, “views” and “popularity.”

youtube analytics

The popularity tab will provide information about how long it took a video to become popular, and just how popular it is compared to other videos during a specific time period. To some up the benefit of YouTube Insight, we’ll quote Tracy Chan, the product manager for YouTube. He says:

Insight gives the creators an inside look into the viewing trends of their videos on YouTube, and helps them to increase views and become more popular. Partners can evaluate metrics to better serve and understand their audiences, as well as increase ad revenue. And advertisers can study their metrics and successes to tailor their marketing — both on and off the site — and reach the right viewers. As a result, Insight turns YouTube into one of the world’s largest focus groups.

Source: AP