mojopac give-away We are pretty excited to be giving away two software licenses for MojoPac! It’s a pretty useful piece of software, and the two winners will surely be able to find some kind of use for it! Thanks to all of those who gave us your explanations on why it would be useful! This give-away wasn’t about who had the best reason, it was simply random. So, without further ado, here are the winners…….

  • Entry #3 by kfonda: “I run a small consulting company here at the Jersey shore. This would be absolutely perfect to put on a portable USB drive that I can carry with me all the time. I’ve never heard of this application before but it really looks useful.”
  • Entry #16 by The Slasher: ” It certainly sounds like a good idea – I can see this type of product or technique becoming the way of the future, i.e. everyone having a USB device that they â€