You’ve heard of Meebo before, you know, the popular in-browser messaging program? It supports all of the popular messengers, and makes it super easy to access all of your messengers no matter what computer you’re on. Recently, they were wondering how many people changed their color, size, and font settings, and of those that did change, what were their preferences.  First of all, 75% of people don’t bother to change anything and stick with the size 10 Arial Black text.

What they were surprised to find out was that out of those who do change their settings, 21% chose hot pink, more than any other of the colors. The next most popular color is blue with 14% of the share. Combine the hot pink with the Comic text, and that’s what a good portion of the users cho0se. They took that information into consideration when deciding upon the new Meebo features. Now you can make your background color hot pink, green or purple. They have lots of different skins to choose from, and you can bet that pink will probably be a top choice over others.

Additional changes that you might notice besides the skins:

  • Display pictures: Users with an account can upload their own buddy icons.
  • Faster Login: The login process has been optimized by using an SSL over the RSA JavaScript encryption.
  • Saved away messages: Meebo will remember you last away message so you won’t have to type it out again.

Head on over to Meebo to check out release 22: Meebo rainbow