Amazon Okay…so the party is over and we have a winner for our $100 Amazon gift certificate that we are giving away for our 1-year anniversary celebration. To pick the winner you would think that we would do something technology/computer related like write a quick program to generate a random number between 1 and 73 (the number of comments). Heck, we could have even used one of the several online random number generators but that just isn’t random enough for us.

So we developed our own concoction to ensure that it was as random as possible. Yep, we printed off numbers 1 to 73, cut them out, and drew the number out of a hat. :D

The number that we drew out…32 which was a comment by “Old Man Death.” Congratulations and you should be receiving a quick email as a confirmation before we email you the $100 gift certificate!

Just for fun we pulled out second and third place to taunt you. Unfortunately those people won’t receive anything (except our thanks, as always) but they were comments 14 (Matt) and 64 (nogg3r5). Shucks…you guys were so close. ;)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and we really enjoyed hearing about your favorite articles. Hopefully you’ll continue to read us as we venture into our second year.