Our Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza is over, and now it’s time to announce the winners! Before we get to that, we just wanted to explain how we went about selecting the software and services that we were able to giveaway. Ryan and I sat down and hand picked about 15 different companies that offered something we thought you would enjoy. We contacted them and then heard from about half  them and most were willing to participate.  We just wanted to recognize these companies and thank them for not only responding but for participating as well.  They’re certainly respectable companies and many of which have great communities behind them. A HUGE thanks goes out to all of the companies who provided licenses for:


Software/Service Name as it appeared…
OnClick Peter
OnClick Rudy Robles
DVD Profiler Ryan J
DVD Profiler Abzurd Beluga
DVD Profiler Anonymous
Multiplicity Pro MetaMan
xplorer² Daniel
xplorer² Mark
xplorer² Google
xplorer² Keith Goveia
xplorer² quan
xplorer² Pete Miller
xplorer² Sanjay Nayak
xplorer² Joe Ledvina
xplorer² Justin
xplorer² Maho
DVDFab Tyler
DVDFab Spikej23
DVDFab nimrodguy
Object Desktop Andrew Min
MediaMonkey Whofysh
MediaMonkey Tinoro
MediaMonkey Guarav
MediaMonkey Matthew Carpenter
MediaMonkey Abz
SyncBackSE TheNikeMan
SyncBackSE Jerry Chance
SyncBackSE Evan


We sent out emails to all of you last night, so if you haven’t gotten it, check your spam folder. To all of you who won, congratulations! Jerry Chance who ended up being one of the winners said, “The only advice my Father ever gave me was “You’ll never get anything for nothing son!” I’m here to prove the cantankerous old duffer wrong!” A good handful of you were able to get something for nothing, so enjoy it! :)