Thanks to all those who participated in our iPod Nano Giveaway sponsored by GotVoice. We’ve read through the entries and have come up with a first place winner to receive an iPod Nano as well as a runner-up to receive 3 months of GotVoice Premium service. We wanted to hear about the craziest voicemail you received and this is what we got….

1st Place Winner: Entry submitted by Jason

“I got a voicemail about 2 years ago(which i still have) that goes like this:

“Hey Jason we stole a golf cart from the University golf course and drove it back to Minneapolis. We were going to bring it by, but Rob wanted food so we took it though the McDonalds drive through. A cop arrested me and ‘Mondo but Rob ran. If he comes home tell him to put my McDonalds in the fridge, I’ll be back in the morning.”

“If anyone wants to know the golf course and where we were are about 7-8 miles away, and yes they used the bus expressway between both campuses to traverse from St Paul”

Runner-Up : Entry submitted by Ian

“Weirdest voicemail ever would have to be the one I got from a seemingly drunk Russian guy who kept talking about his lunch meats.”

“He literally called, talked like he knew me AND that I was actually on the phone with him. He’d just start off the voicemail with the following, and think Russian accent AND drunkness: “yeah so you got the pastrami? good. i’ll be dur to pick it up laters.”

“Best part of this whole voicemail is that its the honest to god truth! You can’t make this stuff up!”


We hope to do more contests in the future! We’re working on ironing out details to open it up to all of our international readers who were excluded from this contest. Again, a big thanks to all who participated and congratulations to Jason and Ian.