Android changelog

One my favorite features on Android is the ability to have all of the applications automatically update when new versions are released. The downside is that if you have the apps automatically update you may forget to check out the changes to see if there is a cool new feature you should be playing with. Well, don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

Changelog Droid is an Android app that will automatically keep a list of what you have installed and notify you when new versions of the apps are available. As you can see in the screenshot above it will display the change logs for the apps in a single easy-to-read list that you can quickly glance at to see if there is anything worthy of giggling like a little girl.

There are a bunch of notification options available depending on how you have your device set up to handle app updates. You can have Changelog Droid notify you when new updates are available, or you can have it notify you of updates after Android has installed them. The latter option is excellent if you want to set Android to automatically update your apps, which will give you some insight into app changes you probably wouldn’t have checked on otherwise. I recommend flipping through the settings after installing the app to make sure it gets configured the way you want.

One thing that I want to note is that the app needs access to get the Android ID of your device. If you have the device rooted it will be able to grab it automatically, otherwise it will display the Google Talk debug screen where you can note down your Android ID (aid) and manually enter it in. That way it will be able to grab data about only the apps that have changed rather than needing to check every app for changes each time it runs.

There are both free and paid versions of Changelog Droid. The free version has the ad along the top that you see in my screenshot, and the ad-free version will run you under $2 so it’s not bad if you want the cleaner interface.

Changelog Droid (Android only; Free/Paid)