Android app price drop notification

On Android I’ve never felt that there is a great way to watch for specific apps that drop their price, or a way to watch for app updates for apps that you don’t have installed on your device. I wish that the new Google Play Wishlist feature could also provide notifications, but it isn’t good for much more than bookmarking apps you don’t want to forget about.

Don’t worry though… a new app called AppWatch will take care of notifying you about price drops and updates for your favorite Android apps. To use it all you have to do is click the plus sign to add an app you want to monitor/track, type in the name, and you’ll be set. There are checkboxes on each app that allow you to specify whether you want to monitor for updates, price drops, or both.

A cool feature with AppWatch is that you can actually use the “share” button in the Google Play store to share an app with AppWatch, which eliminates the need to search for apps from within AppWatch. The searching in AppWatch works really well and is pretty fast, but if you’re already viewing the app in the Google Play store this will save you some extra typing.

The only thing I’d like to see added to AppWatch is to have it sync with my Google Play Wishlist. That would actually save a couple of extra taps, and would just make the whole process a bit more seamless.

AppWatch on Google Play (Android only; Freeware)