2007 CyberNet Awards Starting today and stretching until the end of the year, we will be handing out the coveted CyberNet Awards to the most deserving companies, applications, and gadgets out there. It’s almost like winning an Oscar, only there isn’t much fame and glory associated with the CyberNet Awards. Oh, and you won’t receive a statuette, but who wants another dust collector anyway?

But one thing that is similar to the Oscar statuettes is that the winners, nor their heirs, may sell the CyberNet Award without first offering to give it back to us. We just can’t bear the thought of our awards selling for $1.5 million on the open market. ;)

With all that being said, we’ve got about 10 or 15 different awards that we want to give out. Some are genuine and some are funny, but one thing they all have in common is that they are all based on our opinion. Almost all of the awards we give out have to do with our personal experience with a particular application or gadget, and for each of the awards we would love to hear who you think should have won.

So stay tuned…we’ll be handing out the first award later today!