It is well-known that the RIAA aggressively files lawsuits when they feel they have evidence that someone is pirating music. Back in February we reported that a 16 year old boy from New York was being sued by the RIAA for piracy, and decided to fight back. He’s not alone in his fight anymore becasuse a woman from Beaverton, Oregon is also fighting back.

The woman, Tanya Anderson, was sued by the RIAA back in 2005 after they claimed she had illegaly download over 1200 songs onto her computer. They even told her the user name that was used to download the songs which she claims wasn’t hers.

A judge ordered the RIAA experts to take a look at her computer to seek evidence, however, they weren’t able to find any illegal activity. Despite this, they still wouldn’t drop the case. After intense interrogation, and a required desposition from her 10 year old daughter, Anderson decided to fight back.

Tanya Anderson’s lawsuit claims that she fell victim to abusive legal tactics, threats, and illegal spying. She wants to collect attorney fees and costs, and also wants money for the damaged that they caused to her life.

While it used to be rare for someone to fight back, it seems that more people who know they are innocent are standing up to the RIAA, despite the amount of time (sometimes years) it can take to resolve the whole ordeal.

Source: Oregon Live (Thanks for the tip, Ed!)