It was just yesterday that I pointed out some theme changes to Firefox 2. Well, it is a new day and so there are new changes.

The “Home” icon still has the same awkward brown coloring but the roof changed colors. I think they need to make the walls of the house a little lighter because it is just too much brown. It doesn’t appear that I’m the only one thinking that either.

The blue folder icon has been removed from the bookmarks. I’m not sure why because I actually thought it was kinda cool. Maybe the blue was a little too bright but it is a great idea for them to make their own unique looking folder icon.

Lastly, they finally made it more obvious when you hover over a background tab with your mouse. Before it was hardly noticeable but now it is very obvious. That is probably my favorite update for this round.

Alright, take a look at some screenshot comparisons from yesterday’s build to today’s build:

New Home and Refresh buttons (yesterday):

New Home and Refresh buttons (today):
Firefox Theme Update
Firefox Theme Update


New folder icon (yesterday):

Folder icon removed (today):
Firefox Theme Update


The following tab screenshots are in the format of background tab, background tab being hovered over, and current tab…

Tabs (yesterday):

New “Hovering” update (today):


This was another nice set of updates but I hope we still see a change in the folder icons. Everything is coming along pretty smoothly and I now hear more people complimenting the theme rather than complaining about it.

You can try out the latest nightly build yourself by going here.