Live AddressAre you still one of the people who have patiently been waiting for Microsoft to launch the email addresses? We’ve showed you plenty of tricks in the past as to how you can get one of those coveted addresses (here, here, and here), but they were all taken down very quickly. We’ve got another one for you today that doesn’t take much effort on your part, and gives you the chance to get in before the rest of the crowd snatches up the good addresses.

Here’s what you have to do:
Note: I had to use Internet Explorer to get this to work.

  1. Go to, click on Sign up, and choose a free account.
  2. You’ll be taken to the signup page…don’t panic.
  3. Modify the URL in the address bar so that hmnewuser.aspx becomes newuser.aspx and then remove the this text: &hm=1
  4. Hit Enter and signup for your address!

This should even work for the different locales (a.k.a.,, etc…). Go ahead and give it a whirl. Make sure you grab your name, your kids’ names, your cousins’ names, and your aunt’s nephew’s grandma’s twice-removed grandson’s horse’s name. You get the point…it’s an email extravaganza!

As previously mentioned, these addresses won’t be available to the masses until this fall. That means you need to get them while you can!

Kudos to LiveSide for finding this out!