AIM 6 Beta

We may soon be able to say farewell to AIM Triton. AOL is letting users test AIM 6.0 Beta which is going to replace AIM Triton so that there is only one version available to users.

Don’t let the super small download fool you because it is just for a downloader which will go and retrieve the necessary installation files. It did take longer than I expected to download the installation files so they must be quite large, but after that finished it was a cinch to setup.

After I got it up and running I didn’t really find anything that was amazing. It is hard for me to compare it to previous versions because I haven’t installed AIM in years. In fact I had to create an account just to install it! I’ve been using Google Talk ever since it was released and I don’t think I’ll be switching to anything else.

If you are running Windows Vista then you should checkout these installation instructions. They run you through what you need to do to get AIM 6.0 Beta up and running on any version of Vista after build 5384 (which was Vista Beta 2). They are, however, careful to warn people that the uninstaller does not work properly in Vista so you should make sure that you want this installed.

Download AIM Beta 6.0

Here is a screenshot from the settings: