AOL Brings AIM To The Corporate World

AOL is targeting a new type of instant messenger users: corporate users. AIM Pro is trying to capture corporations by offering WebEx meetings, message encryption, and Outlook integration.

WebEx is important for companies to perform presentations to individuals that are not able to make it to a meeting in person. AIM Pro allows users to watch WebEx meetings and collaborate on the documents. This will definitely play an important role in how many companies will adopt the new AIM.

They were also smart and integrated Outlook directly into AIM. It allows users to get their instant messages, events, and emails. Outlook is almost becoming a requirement for employees to use with a world that is becoming increasingly more mobile. Companies like AOL have to produce features that incorporate these Office products in order to get a widespread adoption. It all sounds pretty good, but is AOL going to be able to beat out the competition?

Microsoft is working on an Office Communicator which will also be available as Web and Mobile applications. This will make it easy for users to video, voice, or message anyone from anywhere. Since Microsoft would be making Office Communicator I also wouldn’t be surprised to see some unique integration with Outlook and other Office products.

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