AOL Makes A Copy Of Digg

With the growing popularity of Digg it is inevitable that other companies, like AOL, are going to try and compete with them. That is why AOL released Netscape Beta which is a service where users can vote on stories and the most voted on stories will make it to the front page.

While you may think that there is no competition for Digg you may be surprised to find out that Netscape gets 811 million page views per month. However, the voting services are currently only be located at for right now but will eventually make it to

The funny thing is when I took the above screenshot the top story was “AOL Copies Digg” and the story that it linked to was a front page story on Digg better hope that they can attract people with their addition of categories otherwise Netscape might rule all the topics other than technology.

News Source: TechCrunch