wow TechCrunch is reporting that AOL is finally going to put the domain (which they’ve owned since 1998) to good use. And no, they’re not selling it to Microsoft to promote the “Wow” experience of Windows Vista.  Aside from Microsoft using “wow,” there’s another obvious thing that comes to mind … World of Warcraft, the extremely popular online game usually known as WoW. According to Michael Arrington, his source says that the owners of, AOL, are going to turn the domain into a World of Warcraft social network. Makes perfect sense, right?

Of course it makes sense! But why didn’t AOL think to do something like this sooner? They’ve owned the domain for years! An article over at Frantic Industries sums it all up best: “AOL Redefines “Late” with” I’m beginning to wonder if AOL has been asleep for the last several years while World of Warcraft was gathering up thousands of monthly subscribers and millions of players around the World?

Blizzard, the owners of WoW would probably love to buy the domain off of AOL because there’s got to be plenty of people that go to hoping they land at the site for World of Warcraft, but it appears AOL isn’t willing to sell. This could potentially be a great thing for AOL if they do it right. Once again though, they’re entering the social scene a little late because there are already plenty of social networks already dedicated to the game.

I suppose the old saying “better late than never” definitely applies here…